August 4, 2020

7 Random Quick LOTRO Tips - Set 1

In this new guide series, I will be sharing some quick tips for the Lord of the Rings Online! The goal for each part is to cover 7 random, super short tips that I have found from my time playing LOTRO that would be beneficial for other plays to know! Some tips may be expanded on in full guides and will be linked with the tip.

Since this is a new series of guides I am testing out, I appreciate any feedback, especially on if it is helpful or not! I have also considered having more/fewer tips per post or making a dedicated page for "random LOTRO tips".

The First Set of 7 Tips:
  1. How to swim faster
  2. Frequently replace LIs while leveling
  3. Filter lootboxes
  4. Saving and loading UI
  5. Instances for deeds
  6. Focus on class deeds early
  7. Set your virtues to "earning" early
This guide was written during Update 27.2 in August 2020.

Tip #1 - How to Swim Faster

You can boost your swimming speed by jumping while you swim! Additionally, all run speed buffs also affect your swim speed, so keep up your run speed buffs to further boost your swim speed.

Tip #2 - Frequently Replace LIs While Leveling

It is good to frequently replace Legendary Items while leveling because higher level LIs will give better main stats (DPS, tactical damage rating, heal rating, etc.) and that is one of the most important factors in how well your item performs. It is often not worth investing too much into an LI while leveling until level 100+.

However, with your secondary LI, it may be good to keep lower level ones for the legacies only if you do not need the main stat. For example, my Guardian used a lower level belt for a long time for its legacies, but I still replaced my weapon every time I got one with higher DPS.

Tip #3 - Filter Lootboxes!

Lootboxes are very abundant in LOTRO and will take up a lot of your inventory space. They are worth so little that they are not worth auctioning, and it is best to destroy them. Only keep an amount you will open, and if you ever need more, they come quickly! To avoid the annoyance of having to constantly destroy them, I recommend filtering them. Steps to filter:
  1. Open the filter panel, default " alt r " (hold alt, then press r).
  2. Navigate to the loot tab on the top left (the panel defaults to this tab)
  3. Drag the lootbox from your inventory in the "Filtereed" section
    1. "Filtered" - I recommend using this because it is per-character
    2. "Filtered (account)" - this will filter it for ALL of your characters on that server
  4. It is now filtered!

Bonus tip: you can filter other loot (such as the Heavy Iron Collar I filtered), quests, and sounds!

Tip #4 - Saving and Loading UI

You can save your UI settings and layout and load them on your other characters! I also have a full guide on customizing your UI:

With in-game chat functions, you can save and load your user interface layout, which also preserves UI       settings.

To save your UI, type...
/ui layout save [name]
 And to load your UI, type...
/ui layout load [name]
Where [name] is the name of your UI layout (do not include the [brackets]). The file's save location goes into your Lord of the Rings Online folder in your user's Documents folder (by default: C:/Users/[user]/Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/ui/layouts/[name].layout).

Bonus tipIt can be a good idea to backup the entire "The Lord of the Rings Online" folder to save your UI and user settings. This will also backup your screenshots!

Tip #5 - Instances for Deeds

Instances can be a lucrative source of virtue XP from completing deeds (most notably, slayer deeds). Virtues traits are an important part of your character, making up a good portion of your stats. There are two main reasons instances are good to run for deeds:
  1. Zone slayer deed progression (for example, Fornost progresses North Downs slayer deeds)
  2. Deeds within the instances that grant virtue XP - notably in Angmar and Moria instance clusters
I always recommend doing Angmar and Moria instances (whether while leveling or solo on your own later) for the virtue XP - these are significantly helpful in  getting your character's virtues up!

Tip #6 - Focus on Class Deeds Early

Class deeds are a source of class trait points and are important to get done to significantly boost your character! These deeds require you to use your skills a large amount of times  the earlier you get started, the better. To find your class deeds...
  1. Open the deed log, by default: " shift L "
  2. It defaults to the class deed page ("Class/Race/Epic" tab at the top and left tab at the bottom)
  3. View your class deeds and what they require!
The LOTRO wiki has a good list of class deeds:

Some deeds also require you to do your class quests, which are important to complete (level 15, 30, 39, 45, and 58 are all class quests that are necessary for trait points).

Tip #7 - Set Your Virtues to Earning Early

To go along with tip #5 on virtue XP, it is important to remember to set a virtue trait to earning before completing any deed! If you do not, any virtue XP you get will default to the list of virtues in alphabetical order (starting with Charity, a relatively bad virtue). To set a virtue to earning...
  1. Open the trait panel, default: " J "
  2. Navigate to the virtue tab, bottom on the left
  3. Click the virtue you want to level - this one will receive any virtue XP you get!

I currently do not have a full guide on virtues, but for quick recommendations: Honour and Fortitude, followed by Loyalty are good for boosting morale; Fidelity and Tolerance are valuable with their boost to tactical mitigation, which is often needed in endgame content; offensive virtues (such as Wit) are good for solo players looking to boost their gameplay speed.

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