July 30, 2020

LOTRO Tip: Customizing the User Interface - Resizing, Rearranging, Saving, and Loading the UI Layout

The Lord of the Rings Online offers a lot of customization of the user interface. In-game, you can resize, rearrange, show, or hide different UI elements. Once you find a UI setup you like, you can save the layout and later load it on different characters! In this LOTRO Tips guide, I will cover how to do all of this in the game:
  • Showing, Hiding, and Resizing UI Elements
  • Rearranging and Moving UI Elements
  • Saving and Loading UI Layout and Settings

This guide was written during Update 27 in August 2020. However, the UI has remained consistent throughout many years of LOTRO. Short of an unexpected revamp, this should always be relevant!

Showing, Hiding, and Resizing UI Elements (Options Panel)

With the in-game Options panel, you can show, hide, and resize certain elements of the user interface. You can also hide the entire UI with the F12 key by default - useful for taking screenshots and viewing Middle Earth without a UI!

To show and hide UI elements...
  1. Open the options panel (" ctrl O " by default, or you can press " esc " and click "Options")
  2. Navigate to "User Interface" on the right bar
  3. Check/uncheck the options you want to be shown/hidden!

To resize, stay in the "User Interface" part of the Options panel and...
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the "User Interface" part of the options panel to the "UI Scale" section
  2. Adjust UI elements to your liking:
    1. Slide the bars left to decrease the size or to the right to increase the size of a specific UI element
    2. Change the size of all UI elements by clicking the magnifying glasses at the top of this section

These settings are saved when you use the UI save/load chat function (covered at the end of this guide).

Rearranging and Moving UI Elements (and Chat Windows)

With the in-game command, " ctrl \ ", you can rearrange and move certain elements of the user interface. To do so, hold the control key (ctrl) while pressing the backslash key (\). This will bring up the interface to move certain UI elements so you can rearrange your UI to your liking!

Each element is draggable by clicking and moving it:

Chat windows bonus tip: Additionally, you can rearrange your chat windows by dragging the tab around the screen. Dragging the top left tab will move the entire chat window. You can create multiple chat windows by dragging other tabs. Dragging other tabs can also allow you to combine chat windows if you would like. Each chat window can be sized by dragging the bottom right corner when the sliding cursor appears.

Saving and Loading the UI Layout and Settings

With in-game chat functions, you can save and load your user interface layout, which also preserves UI settings.

To save your UI, type...
/ui layout save [name]
 And to load your UI, type...
/ui layout load [name]
Where [name] is the name of your UI layout (do not include the [brackets]). The file's save location goes into your Lord of the Rings Online folder in your user's Documents folder (by default: C:/Users/[user]/Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/ui/layouts/[name].layout). It can be a good idea to backup the entire "The Lord of the Rings Online" folder to save your UI and user settings. This will also backup your screenshots!

For my UI, I use a baseline layout called "Louey7" so I type
/ui layout save louey7 -- to save the layout
/ui layout load louey7 -- to load the layout once I log into another character
With LOTRO, you can create as many UI layouts as you want. So, I can create another UI layout with the functions above and get the following in the chat window:

Example Uses of Multiple Layouts:
  • A layout used just for raiding
  • A layout used for PvP/PvMP
  • A layout used to hide UI elements and screen clutter (can be useful for screenshots)
  • A layout used for a specific class/character (can be useful if they need different keybinds)
  • Different layouts for different keybind setups (can be useful for multiple characters)

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