LOTRO Class Guides and Resources

Welcome to the Class Guides and Resources page!
The goal is to create a catalog of all original guides and serve as a resource to find up-to-date information on the classes in the Lord of the Rings Online

Class Pages

These class pages contain updated lists of class guides, builds, videos, and other guide-like content.

List of Original Class Guides

Here are original LOTRO Basics class guides written by me. There are a few subseries of guides sectioned off below.

Full Class Guides

The current series of class guides has the goal to give an overview of the class, cover gameplay and builds, and discuss how the class fits in LOTRO and compares to the other classes. They expand upon the introductory concepts brought up in the LOTRO Basics: Classes of LOTRO Guide. Below is the list of completed guides:

7 Quick Tips

This series of guides focuses on quick tips to help beginning and returning players learn something new about the class and find some neat tricks to improve gameplay! Below is the list of completed guides:

Trait Analysis and Build Guides

A series of guides covering an in depth analysis of each trait for the specialization of a class. The guides also contain background information on building for the spec and end with a few starter build options. The goal is to help players find which traits and builds may be useful for them. Below is the list of completed guides: