LOTRO Captain Class Guides and Resources

This is the LOTRO Basics class page for the Captain class in the Lord of the Rings Online containing a list of class guides and resources with the goal to provide the most up-to-date information as possible.

This page was last updated during Update 27.2, in October 2020.

Captain Summary

The Captain is a free class that came with the original launch of LOTRO.

Specs & Roles

  • Blue "Hands of Healing" - Support/Healer
  • Red "Lead the Charge" - Support/Melee DPS
  • Yellow "Leader of Men" - Tank/Support


  • Man
  • High Elf

Captain Resources

This section contains the most up-to-date resources for the Captain class, including guides, builds, videos, and other content.


In Depth Beginner's Guide and Class Overview - original LOTRO Basics guide by Louey7/me (written in July 2020). This guide gives an overview of the Captain, details its gameplay, traits, and builds, and discusses how the class fits into LOTRO.

7 Captain Class Tips - original LOTRO Basics guide by Louey7/me (written in July 2020). This guide gives you some quick tips to help improve your Captain experience and get started with the class!

New/Returning Player Guide from Q&A from LOTRO forums by various players, compiled by HerrDave (early 2020, started 2020/02/01).  Originally a Q&A thread, this serves a quick guide for new and returning Captains.

The Captain Guide - by Sallyh from Immortal Souls kinship, link to kin website (mid 2017). Although a little old, this guide goes into great detail on Captains and their role, with gearing and rotation tips still relevant.


Red Line Trait Analysis and Build Guide - original LOTRO Basics guide by Louey7/me (written in July 2020). Covers an in depth analysis on the red line, going over the background of the spec, including a trait analysis, and presents a few building options.

2h Red Line Captain Build w/ Guide by /u/GoatMittens on Reddit, linked to imgur album (mid-late 2019). This build and miniguide covers DPS support as a red line Captain using a 2h weapon.

50 Trait Point Starter Builds

Red https://i.imgur.com/dSLVBul.jpg
This build focuses on providing DPS support in group content, as well as working for leveling.

Blue – 
This build focuses on healing in group content while providing support.

This build focuses on tanking, while giving the ability to solo tougher content.

Video Guides

LOTRO Basics Videos

Red Line Trait Build – Leveling/DPS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OspS3BDcSsc (2018/12/08)
This guide covers an in depth build to serve as you level up a red line Captain with an emphasis on soloing while still providing strong group support.

Other Captain Resources

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