LOTRO Captain Class Guides and Resources

This is the LOTRO Basics class page for the Captain class in the Lord of the Rings Online - containing a list of class guides and resources with the goal to provide the community with up-to-date and current information on the class!
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This page was last updated during Update 29, in March 2021. - Reformatted and updated the list of guides.

Captain Summary

The Captain is a free class that came with the original launch of LOTRO.

Specs & Roles
  • Blue "Hands of Healing" - Support-Heal
  • Red "Lead the Charge" - Support-DPS
  • Yellow "Leader of Men" - Tank-Support

  • Man
  • High Elf

Captain Resources

This section contains up-to-date resources for the Captain class, including guides, builds, videos, and other content.

General Captain Guides

LOTRO Basics Captain Guide (2020-07-13) - Gives an overview of the Captain, details its gameplay, traits, and builds, and discusses how the class fits into LOTRO.

LOTRO Basics 7 Captain Class Tips (2020-07-10) - gives you 7 tips to help improve your Captain gameplay experience and get started with the class!

New/Returning Play Guide from Q&A on the LOTRO Forums (early 2020, started 2020-02-01) - Originally a Questions and Answers thread, this serves as a quick guide for new and returning Captains.

LotroHQ Endgame Captain Builds - these guides contain rundowns on endgame progression content as a Captain (last checked: March 2021).

Captain Builds

LOTRO Basics Red Line Trait Analysis and Build Guide (2020-07-15) - Covers an in depth analysis on the red line - going over the background of the spec, a trait analysis, and presenting a few building options.

80 Trait Point Starter Builds (Updated December 2020)

Red Solo - https://i.postimg.cc/1X5T6jGk/captain-rsolo.png
A solo oriented build - focuses on maximizing your outgoing damage. Not recommended for group content as we miss valuable support traits.

Red Group - https://i.postimg.cc/W37Cdvkm/captain-rgroup.png
A group oriented build - focuses on maximizing group support first, then on your own damage output. Recommended for group content, but works decently for solo.

This build focuses on healing in group content while squeezing out at much group support and utility as possible.

Yellow - https://i.postimg.cc/L5CWV3vn/captain-y.png
This build focuses on tanking and giving the ability to solo tougher content if needed. I recommend filling out the yellow line, then going for decreased attack duration in the red line, then finishing out in the blue line.

Captain Videos

Red Line Captain Trai Build Guide - Leveling/DPS - This guide takes an in depth look at the red line for Captain, including a detailed leveling build and gameplay section. The guide emphasizes leveling and the DPS role.

Class Intro Captain (2020-08-12) - An introduction to the Captain class.

Yellow Captain Guide: Rotations (2020-05-31) - focuses on rotations and gameplay for Captain tanks.

Other Captain Resources