April 13, 2021

LOTRO: Legendary Item Imbuement Guide

The Legendary Item Imbuement system is a large source for confusion in the Lord of the Rings Online. It is complicated and not well explained within the game itself. With this post, I want to share a video guide I made focusing on the imbuement portion of the LI system and point you to other resources to help give you knowledge on how it all works!

The layout for this guide:

  1. Imbuement Guide (video and supplemental info)
  2. Other Legendary Item Resources

 Imbuement Video Guide

The video guide starts with an overview on the imbuement system as a whole and covers why it is so important to imbue your LI (00:00-04:22). The next couple sections detail the step-by-step process of what to do before imbuing the LI and what can wait until after (04:22-11:04). Due to their importance, legacies and general advice on how to find which legacies to choose is given next (11:25-18:06). The last major section covers some of the best ways I have found for getting Scrolls of Empowerment and Star-lit Crystals

In the middle of the video, I repeat my efficient strategy as a big highlight of the guide. The easy strategy for the pre-imbuement process:

  1. Get the legacies you want
  2. Apply an Anfalas Scroll of Delving
  3. Level the LI to 70 (reforging at every 10 levels)
  4. Imbue!
Note: the video goes into more detail on why this is all needed before imbuement.

 Other LI Resources

  • Because legacies can change after imbuement, I recommend checking the LOTRO-Wiki pages for your class's legacies. For example, here is the Warden page, and from the bottom of each class's page, you can find links to the other classes!
  • Knowing which legacies are good can be tough! While sites like LotroHQ can give you some ideas to work towards, it is important to know why legacies are or are not good and ultimately find what works best for your character.
  • If you want more imbuement process information in a short guide format, /u/UCase13 has a great guide on Reddit, with many helpful comments for additional imbuement tips (such as this one with a step-by-step plan)!
  • For a more thorough guide on all aspects of Legendary Item imbuement, Squirle keeps updated what is often considered the "go-to" guide for imbued LIs on LOTRO Players!
Currently those are all of the resources I have to share. If you know of more great resources or guides on Legendary Items, please share in the comments!

 Final Thoughts

While this is a relatively short post, I hope the information on imbued Legendary Items in LOTRO has helped you learn more about the system! It is no small task getting a good imbued LI and it will be rewarding to your character's power level once you do - it is one of the most important things to do at level 100. The good news is that you don't need to replace your imbued LIs after level 100!

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