LOTRO Minstrel Class Guides and Resources

This is the LOTRO Basics class page for the Minstrel class in the Lord of the Rings Online - containing a list of class guides and resources with the goal to provide the community with up-to-date and current information on the class!
Table of contents:

This page was last updated during Update 28.2, in December 2020. - Reformatted and updated the list of guides.

Minstrel Summary

The Minstrel is a free class that came with the original launch of LOTRO.

Specs & Roles
  • Blue "The Watcher of Resolve" - Heal
  • Red "The Warrior-Skald" - Tactical DPS
  • Yellow "The Protector of Song" - Support-Heal

  • Dwarf
  • Stout-axe Dwarf
  • Elf
  • High Elf
  • Hobbit
  • Man

Minstrel Resources

This section contains up-to-date resources for the Minstrel class, including guides, builds, videos, and other content.

General Minstrel Guides

The Bombo-Guide to Minstrel (unkown original source; estimated late 2017-early 2018) - Thorough guide on the Minstrel class, ranging from basics and leveling to in depth builds and old level cap content. While some is outdated now, this still provides valuable information on the class and is one of the limited resources available for Minstrels (as of December 2020).

LotroHQ Endgame Minstrel Builds - these guides contain rundowns on endgame progression content as a Minstrel (last checked: December 2020).

Minstrel Builds

50 Trait Point Starter Builds (Updated December 2020)

This build focuses on maximizing healing output with a little bit of support built in... not recommended for solo play.

Red - https://i.imgur.com/ZP2pL90.jpg
This build focuses on leveling as a DPS and is recommended for landscape solo gameplay. You may also fill in the DPS role in group content, however, most Minstrels are assumed to heal.

Yellow - https://i.imgur.com/HCjBfeo.jpg
This build focuses on support with an extra emphasis on healing to create a hybrid playstyle. This is oriented for group content as a support-healer, but it can be useful for solo Minstrels for tough content.

Minstrel Videos

Minstrel skills and ballad expiration by Nikki Abridged (2020-11-01) - Looks at Minstrel skills, including a focus on ballads.

Red Line Minstrel Trait Build Guide - Leveling/DPS by Louey7 (2017-09-22) - Although a bit old now, this guide takes an in depth look at the red line for Minstrles, looking to maximize damage output for DPS and leveling. Some details may now be outdated, but the build is mostly the same (except the yellow line portion, which has been slightly reworked). (This originally launched as a LOTRO Basics episode - it is that old!)

Other Minstrel Resources

none... yet...