June 26, 2017

"How I Make Gold in LOTRO" - A Gold Making and Farming Guide

NOTE: This guide is from mid-late 2017 back during the level 100/105 level cap and at least the latter half of the section is outdated. Section 2 is still relevant, while 3 and 4 are somewhat relevant - the level cap context no longer applies.

This is the first guide posted on the LOTRO: Basics website that is a text guide! I may look into integrating it into video parts later on, but for now it is text (and image) based. Anyway, this guide is on how to make gold in the Lord of the Rings Online. Here is the layout of this guide:

  1. Why Do You Need Gold?
  2. Terminology, Glossary, and Description of Gold Making
  3. Introductory Methods to Making Gold for All Players
  4. Quick Tips on Making Gold!
  5. How I Make Gold (and What I Spend It On)
  6. Closing

(please leave any feedback on this guide and format if you have any - I will try to make it as clean as I can with the tools Blogger provides as well as the little HTML I know)