LOTRO Brawler Class Guides and Resources

This is the LOTRO Basics class page for the Brawler class in the Lord of the Rings Online - containing a list of class guides and resources with the goal to provide the community with up-to-date and current information on the class!
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This page was last updated during Update 33, in May 2022.  - Note: The Brawler doesn't have many resources yet as it is a new class, so the page may look a bit barebones until the community has more resources.

Brawler Summary

The Brawler launched in late 2022 and came with the Fate of Gundabad expansion pack. Starting in May 2022, the class can be purchased standalone separate from Gundabad.

Specs & Roles
  • Blue "The Fulcrum" - Tank
  • Red "The Maelstrom" - Melee DPS
  • Yellow "The Fundament" - Unique "supplemental" trait tree that you cannot spec into, but has traits that always cost 1 trait point and can benefit both red and blue line Brawlers.

  • Dwarf
  • Stout-axe Dwarf
  • Elf
  • High Elf
  • Man
  • Hobbit

Brawler Resources

This section contains up-to-date resources for the Brawler class, including guides, builds, videos, and other content.

Brawler Guides

Basic Brawler Guide by Shoreless - Discussion and Direct Link

Brawler Builds

50 Trait Point Starter Builds (Work in progress)

To be added...

Brawler Videos

Note: all these videos are from the beta, I include them because there is nothing else available yet...

Other Brawler Resources

None, yet...