LOTRO Rune Keeper Class Guides and Resources

This is the LOTRO Basics class page for the Rune Keeper class in the Lord of the Rings Online - containing a list of class guides and resources with the goal to provide the community with up-to-date and current information on the class!
Table of contents:

This page was last updated during Update 28.2, in December 2020. - Reformatted and updated the list of guides.

Rune Keeper Summary

The Rune Keeper was released with Mines of Moria and must be purchased alone for 795 LOTRO Points or it comes with the Moria expansion pack along with the Warden.

Specs & Roles
  • Blue "Benediction of Peace" - Heal
  • Red "Cleansing Flame" - Tactical DPS (Steady/induction-based fire)
  • Yellow "Solitary Thunder" - Tactical DPS (Mobile/instant lightning)

  • Dwarf
  • Stout-axe Dwarf
  • Elf
  • High Elf

Rune Keeper Resources

This section contains up-to-date resources for the Rune Keeper class, including guides, builds, videos, and other content.

General Rune Keeper Guides

LOTRO Basics 7 Rune Keeper Class Tips (2020-07-1+) - Gives tips to help improve your Rune Keeper experience and get started with the class!

LotroHQ Endgame Rune Keeper Builds - these guides contain rundowns on endgame progression content as a Rune Keeper (last checked: December 2020).

Rune Keeper Builds

50 Trait Point Starter Builds (Updated December 2020)

This build focuses on filling the healing role in group content with maximum healing output (which is what healing RKs do best) via HoTs and bubbles. Additional support and utility is acquired through the yellow line.

Red - https://i.imgur.com/XtSqDtG.jpg
This build focuses on fire for the DPS role and leveling. Further in the build, or with some alternative choices, the build can be made more defensive if survivability is needed. I opted for more damage-oriented traits to highlight here.

Yellow - https://i.imgur.com/RvtYl5d.jpg
This build focuses on lightning for leveling and the DPS role as a mobile spellcaster.

Rune Keeper Videos

7 Rune Keeper Class Tips Guide by Louey7 (2020-09-04) - Gives tips to help improve your Rune Keeper experience and get started with the class! Covers various aspects of the class including gameplay, character building, and equipment.

Yellow Line Rune Keeper Guide - Starter Build, Trait Analysis, and Gameplay by Louey7 (2020-08-31) - This guide takes an in depth look at the red line for Burglar, including a trait analysis, starter/leveling build, and gameplay section. The guide emphasizes leveling and the DPS role.

Red Line Rune Keeper Trait Build Guide - Leveling/DPS by Louey7 (2019-06-11) - Takes an in depth look at the red line for Rune Keepers, focusing on the DPS role and leveling. Although red line fire RK has been nerfed since the video, the same ideas apply - red RKs are just weaker DPS than they were at the time of the video (as of December 2020).

Other Rune Keeper Resources

New Rune-Keeper? Questions? Start Here! by Xaxius on the LOTRO Forums - "This post is meant to be the definitive source of links to guides, discussions, and information sources pertaining to the Rune-keeper class." - A lonstanding and well-maintained database for Rune Keepers that is regularly updated! (Last checked: December 2020)