September 5, 2020

LOTRO Class Videos Guides and LOTRO Basics

While I have not had a new guide on LOTRO Basics for a couple weeks, I wanted to share some currently done video guides and progress on future ones! Below you will find a list of:

  • New Guides
  • Future Guides
Throughout this month I will be making updates to the website as time allows. The goals are to improve the ease of finding some of my latest guides that aren't directly posted here!

New Guides

7 Rune Keeper Class Tips -

Rune Keeper Yellow Line Guide - Trait Analysis and Starter Build -

Future Guides

For future guides, my priority is to cover classes not previously covered, or in other words, guides not covered in my "LOTRO Class Guides" playlist (

Please request any classes or guide series you want to see! Currently, my priority is:

  • Warden/RK
  • Beorning/Captain
  • Touching up on all classes I am most familiar with
  • Classes I play the least

To end this - again, I just wanted to give an update on what has been going on with guides. Hopefully I can get to working on updating this website within the next week and have semi-frequent posts again!