February 14, 2021

February 2021 Update - New Guides, Gameplay, and WIP

 Welcome to the February 2021 LOTRO Basics "monthly" status update post! In this, you will find a roundup of information relating to guides on this site and new external guides recently found.

Of Note:

Otherwise, for Feb 2021, I will cover:

  • New guides
    • Original
    • External
    • Resources
  • Gameplay
  • WIP/Status

New Guides

New original guides:

For new external guides, I have found a decent variety, but don't have a list of which are new vs old with the new class page formatting. All guides are still linked in the class guides and resources page.

New resources:

If you have found any great resources or guides that I did not add here, please share them and I will update the list!

Status Update and Work in Progress

There are a few things I am working on:
  • Video guide on all classes similar in format to the text guide for 2021
  • Broad class guide for all classes, essentially expanding on the little coverage of each individual class in the 2021 class guide
  • Gameplay commentary/discussion for each class, essentially in the same format as my no-commentary annual gameplay videos but with me talking a bit about the class, also in similar format to my recent Journey Through Wildwood video - these would also ideally be premieres on YouTube so viewers could chat live about the class as the video goes through
  • New class build pages to browse sample trait builds (these would offer more description and quicker viewing than current starter builds that are just linked in the class pages)