August 16, 2020

LOTRO Basics and YouTube

In this post, I want to give some information on my plans for this website ( and how I may still use it now that I will returning to content creation on YouTube soon. When I relaunched this website, I was surprised at the reception and popularity (even in the past couple weeks when I haven't been able to write guides due to moving). With that in mind and knowing I have fun writing these text-based guides, I would like to continue to continually update this site going forward in the future!

I talked about this in the LOTRO Basics About Video, but the difficulty is in deciding how to integrate topics that work for both videos and text, and how to make them complementary with but independent of each other. As usual, I am glad to hear any feedback on ideas for this going forward! If anyone is unfamiliar with my video guides content, some recent ones can be found in this playlist on my channel.

My current plan is to focus on YouTube, while still maintaining and working on the LOTRO Basics website. I will continue to make standalone guides on this website, but will include an additional standalone video for each guide and link them to each other. Some guides that would be easiest to continue this with is the 7 Class Tips series, Trait Analysis and Build Guides, and even the Full Class Guides broken down into sections.

The next step will be making videos of already existing guides on the website. After just a few of those are done, I will work on writing new guides and continuing where I left off!