October 10, 2020

October 2020 Update - New Guides, Status, and WIP

Welcome to the first LOTRO Basics monthly status update post! In these, you will find a roundup of information relating to all guides on this site, including any new external guides linked to. For the October 2020 update, we will cover:

  • New guides
    • Originals
    • External
    • New Resources
  • Status update
  • Work in progress (WIP)

Of note:
  • All class pages have been updated and I have searched for and added any new guides I have come across.
  • I have also refocused my time into my YouTube channel and guides there since returning a couple months ago (this means original text guides here will be less frequent).

New Guides

All of these guides can now be found on the class pages.

New Original Guides (all can be found in the playlist: http://bit.ly/louey7guides)

New External Guides
New Resources

"I Love Fried Orc (and you should too) Lotro Trait Planner" - a new and up-to-date class trait planner (U27.2, last checked on 2020/10/11)!


LotroBuilder - https://lotrobuild.com/
- A new site with a database of gear in LOTRO, with current options to search by name. More info here.

If you have found any great resources or guides that I did not add here, please share them and I will update the list!

Status Update

Since returning to YouTube, I have refocused my time there, but I am still maintaining this website and the database of class guides

Recently, I have updated the class pages, which can be navigated to through that link or in the top banner on this site. Typically, I try to update those at least monthly or when I find a few good resources to add. This month, I decided to try something new - do a sweeping update of those and make a monthly status update post.

For original text guides on this website, I have loose plans to make more 7 Class Tips guides once I finish making video versions of the classes I have already covered on this website. After that, there is more I want to do, but cannot guarantee anything due to time constraints and my focus being on YouTube (which would ultimately get shared here). Again, I will be maintaining this website even if no original new text guides are added!

Work in Progress

Most of my WIP list is for YouTube (for this website, this post was the only thing on the list!). I still have a massive project being worked on, which is filling in my new guide format with actual guides (all of this will be talked about in my next guide, expected Oct 12, 2020):

Class guides I have solid plans for:
  • A detailed guide on each specialization with covering:
    • starter build (leveling)
    • trait analysis
    • gameplay
  • A 7 tips class guide which has the goal to generally improve your experience on the class
  • A guide overviewing building for the class with stats, gear, equipment, and virtue traits. Note: this style of guide may be split into two videos. The upcoming Warden guide will have all of this in one video, but the next one I will test splitting it into two, with virtues being its own guide!
  • (Planned only): A guide covering basics of gameplay and gameplay mechanics as it applies to all specializations, and then give an overview of each specialization and some of the gameplay emphases.

Class guides I have loose plans for:

  • A general introduction to the class that would cover:
    • what the class is about
    • their class fantasy
    • what role they serve in the game
  • A legendary item guide for each class - note: this is not something I am immediately planning on doing, especially with a legendary item revamp on the horizon.

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