June 23, 2020

Updated Formatting, New Guides, and More! (LOTRO Basics Update)

During the past few weeks, I have run into issues with Blogger frequently switching formatting and how the html/CSS displays on the website. The migration to a new system was recently finished and, for some good news, I will now be able to make more frequent and consistent content!

Most recently, I published a Beorning Class Guide, which will be the last post that uses the old formatting system. Later this week, I plan to publish a Warden guide that will kick off the new planned series of guides called "7 LOTRO Class Tips". All of these new guides can be found in the Class Guides and Resources page. This will be the first post showing off the new formatting in full form.

A large advantage of the new format will be more frequent guides and content for the community. However, I first plan to migrate all of the old pages to the new system. To give a preview, I have updated the Beorning Class Guides and Resources page, and will follow with that formatting on the rest of the classes. I will also give another sweep to add any new guides I find along the way!

While the migration happens, I appreciate everybody's support as this project continues to come to fruition and becomes a main community stop for LOTRO guides, resources, builds, and information content! In the meantime, I will post updates on my Twitter account.

If you find the content on LOTRO Basics helpful and enjoyed it, please consider supporting the site!