April 23, 2020

Reviving LOTRO Basics.... Again!


LOTRO Basics will be returning in 2020! Due to my apparent need to make content for LOTRO and my inability to work on videos or streams as I have in the past, I decided to resurrect LOTRO Basics after it fell in battle a couple years ago. This post will go over my plans for the website and series.



LOTRO Basics History


LOTRO Basics, this website and a series-type guide I created for the Lord of the Rings Online, has waxed and waned throughout my content creation for LOTRO. For a period during 2017-2018, I was working on these guides and this website before focusing more on my YouTube channel in late 2018 (coinciding with the release of the Legendary servers for LOTRO). As I concentrated on my channel more and making content there, I was trying to figure how to incorporate LOTRO Basics into it, and how I could continue the website. After attempting to clean out the website and work on it again, I decided it wasn’t feasible and was taking too much of my time for little progress, so LOTRO Basics was planned to not continue.


Then, in late 2019, I became unable to work on videos and decided I needed a break from LOTRO for a period. A little over a month ago, I started playing LOTRO again, and still have my drive to make content for the game – even though I cannot work on my traditional videos or streams. After a while, I found the LOTRO Basics website and thought now would be a good time to work on content for it and basically make it a thing again.


Before making this post, I had to make sure that I would have actual content to share – unlike my “plans for 2018” with the website, where nothing happened… so, what’s coming up?



Upcoming LOTRO Basics Content


I am primarily working on class guides and resources. Class content for LOTRO is scarce, spread out in a lot of different places, and is not always entirely up to date. I want to both create and share quality class guide-like content for players to be able to easily find! I would also like to work on other guide-like content for LOTRO, including deeds, which were often neglected by me. Below is a detailed list of projects in creation or planning.


1.     Class Mini-Guides - My goal is to make up to date mini guides on every class and each of their specs that covers the basics of the class/spec and how they play. If feasible, I would like to venture into making these mini guides for each spec, individually, focused more on building and somewhat advanced gameplay mechanics.


2.     Create Class Resource Databases – I plan to create class pages on this LOTRO Basics website that will serve to link quality content on class guides, builds, information, etc. This is largely a community-invoking project, as I rely on other peoples’ creations to share and point players to.


3.     Deed GuidesI have started the process to make some content relating to deeds. While explorer deed maps are not too rare for LOTRO, slayer deed maps and locations can be hard to find. There are a few areas that I could go by for deed maps/videos and locations, hopefully to help completionists or those looking to get virtue XP.


4.     Legendary Server Content and Guides – Unfortunately, legendary server activity has gone down since before my break. However, for players still there, like myself, I plan to make content and guides for players on these servers. Some ideas I have including update/patch guides, and potentially instance/”end game” content guides.


5.     Other/Miscellaneous – Other content I have thought about working on includes resource farming location (e.g., Ancient Iron Ore, Pristine Hide, etc. locations), virtue guides, and other general guides that may not fit the above categories. Any suggestions for content/guides is appreciated!



What Is Next


I have been working on basic class info for the past couple weeks, and will be publishing:

·         A mega-post on the classes of LOTRO. Set to release Friday, 04/24/2020 at noon EDT.

·         Catch-all class resource pages to go along with the mega-post. Set to release at the same time.

·         Finally, I will be preparing an “About the Class” page for each class, giving basic information on the class. These a planned to be daily starting the week of April 27.



Closing Thoughts


I have cleaned up a lot of the old LOTRO Basics posts and look forward to making new ones to replace those! A lot of the new content will take time to build up, but as I have finished working on a lot of the class pages, everything should be functional and streamlined from my end shortly.


If you have suggestions or thoughts, I would appreciate the feedback! You can comment below or reach me elsewhere.


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