April 5, 2018

State of LOTRO Basics: Spring 2018

I started work with this website/blog in the middle of 2017 and was unsure how useful it would be for the LOTRO Basics series. I found some types of posts to be useful (like the gold guide), while others didn't seem to be that helpful and just caused too much work and clutter.

I also restarted the LOTRO Basics video series around the same time, and ended up finding out that easy to access and detailed trait guides were very lacking in the LOTRO community. So I set out to try and alleviate this by focusing my LOTRO Basics videos on character building and progression.

For both parts of LOTRO Basics, that is where I left off towards the end of last year. In this post, I want to go over the state of LOTRO Basics as a whole in 2018, including this website and the video series. I will also be giving an update on current progress towards new LOTRO Basics content.

Any feedback on what you want to see out of this website and LOTRO Basics is greatly appreciated!

The Series & Site

Currently, here is what I am doing with the LOTRO Basics site:
  • Creating text guides
    • Based on time constraints and if I have anything to have a written guide about
    • These may go with video guides where each would compliment each other if the topic allow for it
  • Visual/Image guides
    • Often go with text guides, but may be their own category with infographics
  • Sharing updates and other info with LOTRO Basics
  • Creating a list of my guides for organization/completeness (which needs working on!)
    • Will be on this website
  • [secret project - ideally finished early 2019 (yes it was meant to be early 2018 then summer 2018 then the project expanded way too much)]
Here is what I am not doing, but was or thought of doing:
  • Posting each video guide with a short description of what it goes over (same as YouTube description basically)
    • If I continued this, it would have to fall into the long enough to write a separate mini text guide to go with it, at least.
  • Making endgame guides
    • I haven't played much endgame in LOTRO lately
  • Blogging my general LOTRO thoughts unrelated to any game guides, tutorials, or those type of things that the LOTRO Basics project is about.
That summarizes my general thoughts on what I am and am not doing with this website.

Current Work

There are some specific projects I am working on right now that I would like to share with you all. As always - if you want to see something here more (or less), please let me know!

Editing & Organizing   This month I will be going through all my old LOTRO Basics recordings and organizing (and deleting) them as necessary. In addition, I will start working on editing any that are still relevant or may be used. My goal is to finish editing, rendering, and uploading all by the end of April to be published on YouTube in May (or later if I have enough usable videos).

Recording   I want to get back to recording LOTRO Basics here soon. My priority when I am able to record videos is to either work on my regular Let's Play series (Loueyden and another upcoming one) or live streams if I have long enough. Once I feel comfortable with the content I have for those, I can work on LOTRO Basics videos. I would like to start work here as early as two weeks from now. Videos likely would be mid-late May at the earliest.

This Website   Also this month, I plan to go back over this website and clean it up. I also want to start working on permanent pages:
  • All LOTRO Basics Video Guides (needs updating)
  • All LOTRO Basics Web/Text/Image Guides (needs creating)
  • About page/me (needs updating)
  • My Other (LOTRO) Projects (needs creating)
  • "LOTRO Gameplay" page (needs creating)
  • [secret project - likely to include more than 1 page]
I will work on these more once I clean and better format the site a little bit. When I do, I will be prioritizing cleaning up current pages then working on creating new ones. If I find a topic to write about, it will come whenever I finish unless I have to actually plan around releasing too many things at once (doubtful!).

Upcoming Content!   There is a little bit I can share here, but as you may be able to tell, I don't quite have any plans on things solidly coming up. But, I do have a single video I will be working on this month and hope to get released in early-mid May! The goal of the video will be to clear up some confusion around VIP and premium benefits. A name for the episode has not been settled on yet, either.

The Distant Future   In the distant future, I have some loose ideas laid out:
  • Return to trait builds - hope summer 2018 
    • See Recording from above
    • Normal, current format
    • New format for all builds for a class in short version
      • e.g. "LOTRO Basics: All Warden Builds (Blue, Red, Yellow)"
  • Racial traits
  • Virtues - these annoying things
  • Zone guides
    • e.g. "LOTRO Basics: Leveling Guide - Ered Luin (Level 5-15)
      • Would have to have gameplay in zone to at least somewhat represent it
      • Mostly visual with me talking with a map open
      • Heavy on editing - not much motivation here
  • Gameplay guides (?)
    • Would reformat to incorporate entire class in very brief manner 
      • go over priorities for each spec (~5 mins each or so)
      • landscape gameplay for each spec (5 mins each)
  • [secret project]
That is really all I have going on with "current work"... It covers a lot and is spread out a bit, but hopefully we can see some consolidation with most of the work going or shifting into the Upcoming Content, and The Distant Future sections, especially as we head towards the end of 2018 in a few months!


That is all I have going on with LOTRO Basics right now! The last episode was December last year -way too long ago! I am hoping this becomes fixed in the next couple of months and LOTRO Basics can get back into a biweekly release cycle. My ideal goal is to have weekly episodes.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, etc., please let me know in the comments!

I (and my Warden) hope you all enjoyed this read!
Find more mini updates at my Twitter: https://twitter.com/Louey_7
Find LOTRO Basics on YT: YouTube Playlist
Find more on my YT channel: https://youtube.com/Louey7

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