October 6, 2017

An Update On Leveling Build Guides Progress and More!

I wanted to give an update on my progress with the leveling build guide videos for LOTRO Basics. You can view a playlist with all videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8Tl6WdlTDfD1Ilyll1IzZqBzeHROua87

I have made a few changes recently, made some progress on upcoming episodes, and even updated some old episodes!

More recently, I updated the thumbnails for all the past episodes. I feel like the new style is a lot more clear and legible. I have also been able to change the background image to more match the spec/class with this change. If you are interested in these videos, here are the episodes I have already done, here is a list:

And, here is what the new thumbnail style looks like!
(The background image may change)

You may also notice that in this thumbnail, it just says build instead of leveling build on the bottom. This is intentional and part of the upcoming “changes”. This is due to the Rune Keeper blue line being a healing spec, it works for leveling just as it would at the cap. So, this is the first episode that doesn’t have a primary focus on leveling (while it still keeps level in mind, though!).

In addition to the episode above, here are some upcoming episodes I can give a preview on:
  • Champion Yellow Line
  • Rune Keeper Red & Blue Lines
  • Warden Yellow Line + Special Episode
  • Captain Red Line

I do have some more upcoming, but they may be in the more distant future.

For these new episodes, there is more good news with upcoming changes

  • I am using better recording software.
    • Audio/Microphone - I am using Windows voice recorder which gives the cleanest recordings out of anything I have tried.
    • Video - I am using NVIDIA Share/Shadowplay or whatever it is called now. This has the least amount of lag and highest quality compared to other options.
  • Some in-video editing changes include a brief title clip at the beginning and including more gameplay at the beginning and end if needed to fill talk time where I am doing nothing directly related to showing the build.

That is all for the recent changes and this update. At the end here, I thought it may be neat to share some statistics with these videos. This also answers why they can’t come out more often:
  • Recording time - 25-45 minutes
  • Editing time - 2-4 hours (120-240 minutes)
  • Thumbnail time - 15-60 minutes
  • Setup time - 20-60 minutes
  • YouTube upload/publish time - 15-30 minutes
  • Rendering time - 1-2 hours (60-120 minutes), passive

Overall it takes a lot of time per episode, on average about 4 hours of active work, and additional time to render and finalize the episodes. So, it takes a while to get each episode done and that is why I don’t have these quite as often as I’d like.

My goal is to have episodes weekly, but that is a challenge and will likely have to be every other week. We will see from here how it goes in the future, though!

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