July 3, 2017

Warden - Blue Line Leveling Build Guide (Tank Spec)

Description & Video

This episode of LOTRO: Basics returns to the leveling build subseries. This one is much like the previous two going with in depth explanation of my choices with a lot of class-guide related information. This one continues with the Warden builds, on the blue line. The blue line is a good choice for leveling for tanking or better solo survivability. Here is the video:

Updates and Plans

I have been quite busy lately, so I am not sure when the next episode will be. I still plan on getting to "quicker" videos that go over all the lines in one episode, but much less explanation and theorycrafting crafting and more of a preview of how the builds work. I also plan to continue these more explanatory guides, I just need to edit a few. Here is a list of current specs I have recorded but need editing:

  • Warden Yellow Line - to complete the class and get ready for the shorter one with all specs
  • RK Red Line - fun + fire
  • Beorning Red Line
  • Captain Red Line

Next Episode: So far it looks most likely to be the Beorning Red Line build, but could be another. I am not too sure at this point. I will try to get it done by next week. If I do, it will likely be Friday or Monday the week after.

After that, I am looking into finishing out the Warden build videos to complete the class then start moving onto other classes.

Want to see a certain spec or class? Please be sure to request it!

Also any feedback on these is appreciated. To me they have been feeling too long after doing them and while editing, but while recorded it just ends up taking that long.

Thanks for watching and/or reading and I hope this guide was useful to you!

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