July 31, 2017

Changes Coming to LOTRO Basics

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything and I have also done a bit of updating since my last post. The rest of this will be on information about LOTRO Basics, upcoming changes, and what is going on with the site!

Major Things:

I will not be posting videos here anymore. In the introduction video and post I noted that I was not sure if this website would work to help out with the videos and it appears it is not. So from now on, there will not be any videos posted here. I will slowly, but eventually, removed all the old video posts. Video information, databases, and pages will stay.

Anything posted here will be meta related for LOTRO Basics, text/infographic guides, and other stuff that isn't videos but fits.

So with that info... I do plan* on eventually getting to doing some more text guides! I will list them at the bottom of the post!

Hosted Content: I am not entirely sure how this works with Blogger and the tools available on this website, but I am also willing to and looking to host quality text/visual/audio (non-video, to start) content that fits LOTRO Basics. I think this could be mutually beneficial to anybody looking to publish something and get publicity/promotion as well as for this blog to receive the same things. If your content is of high quality, helps the blog, and you continuously contribute, I am willing forward some payments to you made from advertisements and donations. This is something I just thought about while writing this post, but if you may be interested, please contact me!

* plan means I want to do them but cannot guarantee due to time constraints, school, work, managing YT, playing games like LOTRO, etc.

Minor Things:

There are a few things that I will be slowly changing on the website to reformat the series from "LOTRO: Basics" to "LOTRO Basics". You may have noticed me using the latter form in this post, even.

In addition to that, I will be touching up elsewhere of the website to both give it a more Mordor-y feel, and just update banners/images/theme/format/etc.

Pages, including the about and video-related ones, will eventually be updated with more up-to-date information.


Well, that is it for this update. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

I also do an a planned post coming up on the layout of level sections in LOTRO, but more about the way I would do leveling guides since those have been frequently requested.

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