June 15, 2017

Why I Am Not Doing Level Cap or End Game Builds - Just Leveling Build Guides (For Now!)

Questions that have commonly come up lately on my level build guide videos have gone something like this:

     Why are you not doing level cap/end game builds?
     Will this work for level cap?

Another related concern I see is actually related to the builds not being for level cap characters. For example:

     [This] trait is bad.
     You can spent your points on [this trait] instead of [picked trait] and be better for your group.

While those statements may be true for level cap characters with a different focus than solo leveling, the whole points of these build videos are to serve as class guides for people leveling those characters and perhaps still not fully experienced with how that class works.

So, the point of this is to explain a bit why these guides are this way, but more so on why am I not doing ones for the level cap right now.

Why I Am Not Doing These Builds Currently

So here are the few reasons why I am not doing end game builds:

We are at the end of the current game cycle - The last major update before a new expansion has come out. The new expansion details have not fully been announced (or announced much at all). Many things will likely, or rather, hopefully change with Mordor. By time I get these guides done, they would be outdated due to this.

I don't have as much experience at end game on many classes/specs - Compared to leveling, I have relatively little experience at end game and the level cap on most of the specs in the game. Doing these guides would result in possibly bad information. I could get builds from other players and just be relaying information, however. But the point of most of these guides is to go in depth with my reasons. I also wouldn't want to give bad information!

Many of the leveling builds are already very close to end game builds - There is bound to be similarities between your level cap build and the one you use leveling. In a lot of the current cases, it is like I am already going over a level cap build but showing the process for while you level towards it!

Alright, so there are the three main reasons I am not currently doing builds for end game.

When Might I do End-Game Builds?

After the end game content in Mordor solidifies. This would likely be post-raid and in 2018.

An aside: When can you expect the next LOTRO: Basics episode? - Friday next week!
Also, some leveling builds to expect coming up:
    Beorning Red Line
    Warden Blue & Yellow Line 
    Warden Red Line

As usual feedback is greatly appreciated. If you want to see more end game builds when Mordor comes out, be sure to let me know! For now, my focus is on leveling builds.

I thought you all might like see some more information and my thought process on this a bit. So, I hope this non-guide post was helpful or enjoyable to you! If you have any feedback or anything or would like to see more of these, be sure to let me know!

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