June 5, 2017

Rune Keeper - Yellow Line Leveling Build (DPS/Solo Spec Traits)

Description & Video

Similar to the last LOTRO: Basics guide, this is another leveling build. This one swaps classes to the Rune Keeper and goes of a yellow line build. This guide follows the format of the last one going into detail of my choices and giving various tips throughout.

The yellow line, or lightning spec, is great for solo and leveling RKs. Although total damage output may not be as high as red/fire over time, it has high burst damage, is mobile, and can kill quicker while leveling. All that combines to a great leveling spec that I also find to be pretty fun! So, here is the video guide:

More Info and the Future

Don't worry, LOTRO Basics isn't just on leveling builds, and this will show in the next episode which will be a typical "odd" topic based guide! So,

Next Episode: Collections - Including Pets, Mounts, Emotes, and Stable Masters
When: Next week

A Peek to the Future:
I figure it would be good to show at least a bit of what I have done and have planned for the future at this point. Unlike last time, I actually have some videos recorded (but not yet edited) in advance. I also have a few planned and other ideas. Here are some particular ones to share:
  • More leveling builds
  • Class & Gameplay guides
  • Requested guides (including more builds and class guides)
  • Class mechanics
Thanks for watching and/or reading and I hope this guide was useful to you!

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