June 12, 2017

Collections Guide - Pets, Mounts, Emotes, & Stable Masters (and a Special Tip!)

Description & Video

The first classic-style LOTRO: Basics guide! This one is on Collections and goes over each part of your collections - mounts, (cosmetic) pets, emotes, and stable masters (map). It starts with a broad overview of how collections works, then goes into detail on each individual part. So, here are some useful timestamps:
  • 1:50 - Pets
  • 3:52 - Mounts
  • 5:38 - Emotes
  • 8:03 - Stable-masters
  • End of Video - Special Tip!
Since you are on the LOTRO: Basics website, I will go ahead and just share spoil what the special tip is... It is on how to do custom emotes in LOTRO. Unfortunately, it won't be a custom animated emote, rather you can just customize the 'chat' part of your emote. This can be very useful for RP, but also good for general fun/messing around. (please use responsibly). Anyway, here is the video:

Looking Forward

Currently I mostly have leveling build guides done on some various classes. I also have a couple other class-based guides I am working on. Some I don't want to spoil (yet), so that is all I can give right now. I am also looking into doing some guides on zones/leveling. For non-LOTRO: Basics content, I do plan to have some LOTRO reviews coming up that may be helpful and potentially serve as partial guides, at least.
Next Episode: Leveling Build - class/spec unknown
When: Next week - most likely to be Friday

Thanks for watching and/or reading and I hope this guide was useful to you!

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