May 29, 2017

Warden - Red Line Leveling Build Guide (DPS Spec Trait Tree Points)

Description & Video

The first (real) episode of LOTRO: Basics goes over a leveling build for the Warden. This episode goes over the red line and again focuses on leveling aspects. This is a more detailed guide for builds going on about 25 minutes long. I plan to have a much shorter version quickly going over all three lines without all the explanations of why I choose what. These should be more useful in learning the class and spec, though. Here is the video:

More Information

This was not the initial video I had planned for the first episode. I already recorded this and the planned first episode, though. Due to some malfunctions with the first episode, I wasn't able to finish it (after a few hours of editing, as well!). So, this one ended up being the first. I also want to do some Warden ones early on to help with the Warden guide I wrote and am doing.

As gone over in the video, these were not initially planned to be a part of LOTRO: Basics - these leveling build videos. But I thought the guides fit the series quite well and decided to include them. So this and all future ones will be their own subseries of LOTRO: Basics simply called Leveling Builds.

Updates and Plans

As I said, this wasn't the planned first episode. But, it basically ended up being the best option unless I wanted to delay the series a month or so (which I didn't!). So, that episode was going to be on classes in general. Another guide that got messed up from recording having bad audio issues (fuzzing noise at max volume) was on collections. I thought that would have been another good early episode that I wasn't able to do. So that is a peek at two future episodes which I still plan to get to.

Next Episode: Level Build for Rune Keeper on the Yellow Line - very similar to this episode's format. Currently, I have no planned date other than sometime next week is most likely. There is a very slight chance it will be this Friday.

My real life has started getting busier as well, so I still plan on just weekly episodes, even though I do have a few recorded so far (but not edited).

As usual feedback on this is greatly appreciated. First time doing this style video, maybe it was too long, but the idea was also for it to be long. If you want to see a certain class or spec, please request it and I can push it up on my priority!

Thanks for watching and/or reading and I hope this guide was useful to you!

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