May 20, 2017

The Return of LOTRO: Basics - "A Lord of the Rings Online Guide"

There will be a lot of this information used in a separate about page. A lot of this covers general and broad information on the series, and primarily focuses on the return of the series and why this website even exists. - Mainly an introduction post


Hello everyone! I am Louey7, a content creator on YouTube. I largely focus on Lord of the Rings Online, or LOTRO. You can find me here:
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This blog is a website for my series LOTRO: Basics "A Lord of the Rings Online Guide". This website will focus around improved organization, communication, and hopefully an enhanced viewing experience. In this post, I will be going over the following:
Here is the video that (somewhat) coincides with this post:

About me

As mentioned earlier, I am a content creator on YouTube. I make many LOTRO videos and series, including this one! I also have a particular interest in making guides. In fact, that is why I started LOTRO: Basics about two years ago. Unfortunately the series fell off and I felt like I wasn't doing well in the series (although it was mostly well received). Since then, I have written some guides and made other video guides for LOTRO.

What is LOTRO: Basics?

"LOTRO: Basics" is simply a guide for the Lord of the Rings Online. It is not a singular complete all-inclusive guide. It is rather a series split among multiple, widely varied topics. Each episode will typically cover one of those topics, but may go over something broader to give "general ideas" rather than specific knowledge. Examples:
  • General part on how crafting works
    • Specific part covering tailoring
    • Specific part covering gathering
  • General part of classes
    • Specific part on each class
    • Specific part on a build for a class
The goal of this method is to be able to deliver information to newer players in an easy manner while also providing an option for more in-depth and specific topics, for both new players and more experienced players.

LOTRO: Basics used to be a current series I worked on. I started it around two years ago, but it didn't work out quite as planned. So, I pretty much abandoned it. I kept everything lying around how it was, old recordings, all the work I used on it, etc., just in case I did want to come back to it. Well, it turns out... I did decide to come back! I will be using many of the same themes/styles previously used. Of course, with some updates.

Why Call it LOTRO: Basics?

I thought about just having "LOTRO guide" videos, but also thought it would be better to have my own branding. I think having a name like LOTRO: Basics can help viewers immediately recognize it is one of my guides. Even after knowing I was coming back to LOTRO: Basics and having guides that could fit an entirely different series, I decided to include those in LOTRO: Basics for the namesake and branding.

Perhaps the more advanced guides this name may not work as well, but hopefully it will still work.

My Guides/Experience

Here is an example of what is probably the first real guide I wrote: Server Transfer Information. It was on the server transfers and merges. Now, I see some things wrong with the guide that I would do differently, but it was the first guide I wrote. My latest and most worked on guide is for the Warden class on Dadi's LOTRO Guides website. I am still actively managing that guide tweaking some parts and fixing some. It is by far the biggest guide I have done and one I worked on the most. But, it was still an early guide for me, so there were some issues, which I have taken care of some. In addition to those written guides, I have made a few infographics, mainly for the Warden. You can actually find all those in the resources page of the Warden guide, here: I have made various other infographics for my YouTube videos.

Now, video guides... What this series is all about! Like I said, I started LOTRO: Basics over 2 years ago! But then I discontinued it because of some real life situations I was going through and afterwards I felt like the quality wasn't great. Well, recently I got into doing video guides again. This time I plan on having more accurate information laid out in a better way. At the point of writing this I have actually recorded a few episodes on some various topics.

I also have a character of each class at the level cap, each at least semi-decently built, some better than others. I have played LOTRO since the Siege of Mirkwood expansion pack, and played a lot of endgame during Rise of Isengard, especially on my Warden.

What the Blog Was

This blog was meant to be a way that I could communicate outside the videos. At the time I made this, I planned on having written guides in addition to video guides. But I quickly found out it wasn't really feasible to do that. Then, I swapped over to trying written guides only, but also found that didn't work out well for me. So, I just started posting videos and the description of them here. Well, that ended quickly as well about when I stopped the LOTRO: Basics series as a whole. So, now the blog is back... And I plan on it being much better!

Why the Blog Again? What Will be Different?

This time, the website is less focused on individual and separate pieces from the LOTRO: Basics series on YouTube. Instead, this blog/website is focused on organizing and giving easier access to the series with some text information. A typical blog post will contain the video and a general description about it, perhaps more descriptive than the one on YouTube depending on the content of the video. I see a few advantages of this blog:
  • Ability to give updates and information on the series unavailable elsewhere. While I may post on Twitter some things going on, for fully detailed information, here is your best bet!
  • Much more organized than the YouTube layout for a single series. Many of the episodes will be a part of a "subseries" of the main LOTRO: Basics series. Using the blog, I can organize these subseries and the videos within the subseries in a much better way. While I could have each subseries as its own playlist on YouTube, that would greatly clutter my channel and the series as a whole. Instead, there will be a main LOTRO: Basics playlist on YouTube and the occasional playlist for subseries that are enough to be their own series. For example:
    • Class Builds could be their own playlist on YouTube, even though it would still be part of the LOTRO: Basics project.
    • Beginner's Guides could work that way as well.
    • A one-off guide on Essences would just be in the LOTRO: Basics playlist.
  • Ability to share some behind-the-scenes type moments... Much like this! Examples:
    • Why I did this episode and why I did it when.
    • Target goals
    • Extra thanks for whatever event(s) may occur like influx of subscribers, views, etc.
  • Does allow for extra text-based additions. While not a text guide, or guides fully transferred to text, can help give an idea of what to expect just by reading and other useful information
So, hopefully this helps you with why I plan on even using this blog in the first place.

What to Look Forward To!

As I mentioned earlier, I already have a few episodes recorded. At this point, they just need editing. But there is a particular subseries I am interested in doing and starting off with. These videos will be going over (leveling) builds for various classes and specs. This is something I often get requested to do (or at least something similar), and it seems there is a lack of updated resources for this.

Some of the videos the goal is to give thorough explanations so if you follow updates to the classes/spec you can continue on without needing updated builds. Others are shorter and simpler just going over the builds and some strengths and weaknesses. These guides also allow me to show and explain how I play with that particular build in various situations.

To integrate with my Warden guide, a lot of the first few episodes (but not all!) will be focused on the Warden. This allows my to continue to update that guide as well as give new content and perhaps better explain my thoughts.

Here is a current thumbnail preview for one of these episodes! Note: this is the 7th version of the thumbnail, it may change again.


I thought it would be interesting to share some of the background work and my thoughts on the series. I hope this website turns out to be useful this time around and that players will find use out of LOTRO: Basics episodes.

If you have any sort of feedback, other comments, concerns, or anything similar don't hesitate to comment or contact me some other way.

If anyone has any thoughts on a full LOTRO: Basics website, where written guides would be a possibility, let me know. If this is desired, I will look into it.

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