Full List of Guides

This is a database page for all the Lord of the Rings Online guides done in LOTRO: Basics. Here you will find links to subseries for some more specific guides, as well as unique guides. 

Current list of working on subseries:
  • Leveling Builds - Focuses on different specs and trait tree builds geared towards leveling characters.
  • Classes - Focuses on showing off the classes of LOTRO, and what they can do.
  • Races - Similarly, this focuses on the races of LOTRO and how they affect your character.
  • Character Info - Very broad and general topics to know more about your character.
  • Gear - Focuses on your character's equipment and everything related.
Current list of possible subseries:
  • Leveling Guides
  • Questing Guides
  • Zone Guides
There are more unique guides than shown in these subseries.

Here is a table of all guides done!

May 2017/Update 20
June 2017/Update 20
June 2017/Update 20