June 26, 2017

"How I Make Gold in LOTRO" - A Gold Making & Farming Guide + Tutorials, & Strategies [Text]

There is updating being done to this guide for Mordor! I will have a full update and log soon after I get a basis for Mordor gold making. A lot of the information below is still valid. Invalid parts would be certain methods related to the old level cap.

This is the first guide posted on the LOTRO: Basics website that is a text guide! I may look into integrating it into video parts later on, but for now it is text (and image) based. Anyway, this guide is on how to make gold in the Lord of the Rings Online. Here is the layout of this guide:

  1. Why Do You Need Gold?
  2. Terminology, Glossary, and Description of Gold Making
  3. Introductory Methods to Making Gold for All Players
  4. Quick Tips on Making Gold!
  5. How I Make Gold (and What I Spend It On)
  6. Closing

(please leave any feedback on this guide and format if you have any - I will try to make it as clean as I can with the tools Blogger provides as well as the little HTML I know)

June 15, 2017

Why I Am Not Doing Level Cap or End Game Builds - Just Leveling Build Guides (For Now!)

Questions that have commonly come up lately on my level build guide videos have gone something like this:

     Why are you not doing level cap/end game builds?
     Will this work for level cap?

Another related concern I see is actually related to the builds not being for level cap characters. For example:

     [This] trait is bad.
     You can spent your points on [this trait] instead of [picked trait] and be better for your group.

While those statements may be true for level cap characters with a different focus than solo leveling, the whole points of these build videos are to serve as class guides for people leveling those characters and perhaps still not fully experienced with how that class works.

So, the point of this is to explain a bit why these guides are this way, but more so on why am I not doing ones for the level cap right now.

June 12, 2017

Collections Guide - Pets, Mounts, Emotes, & Stable Masters (and a Special Tip!)

Description & Video

The first classic-style LOTRO: Basics guide! This one is on Collections and goes over each part of your collections - mounts, (cosmetic) pets, emotes, and stable masters (map). It starts with a broad overview of how collections works, then goes into detail on each individual part. So, here are some useful timestamps:
  • 1:50 - Pets
  • 3:52 - Mounts
  • 5:38 - Emotes
  • 8:03 - Stable-masters
  • End of Video - Special Tip!
Since you are on the LOTRO: Basics website, I will go ahead and just share spoil what the special tip is... It is on how to do custom emotes in LOTRO. Unfortunately, it won't be a custom animated emote, rather you can just customize the 'chat' part of your emote. This can be very useful for RP, but also good for general fun/messing around. (please use responsibly). Anyway, here is the video:

June 5, 2017

Rune Keeper - Yellow Line Leveling Build (DPS/Solo Spec Traits)

Description & Video

Similar to the last LOTRO: Basics guide, this is another leveling build. This one swaps classes to the Rune Keeper and goes of a yellow line build. This guide follows the format of the last one going into detail of my choices and giving various tips throughout.

The yellow line, or lightning spec, is great for solo and leveling RKs. Although total damage output may not be as high as red/fire over time, it has high burst damage, is mobile, and can kill quicker while leveling. All that combines to a great leveling spec that I also find to be pretty fun! So, here is the video guide: